Partners and Customers are excited about AppDynamics Cloud

June 27 2022

VP, Global Channels and Strategic Alliances AppDynamics Mark Maslach discusses the excitement around AppDynamics Cloud and how we’re helping our partners and their customers deliver exceptional application experiences.

I recently attended Cisco Live 2022 in Las Vegas and had the opportunity to speak to Cisco and AppDynamics partners and customers about the launch of our AppDynamics Cloud offering. Everyone I talked to was excited about the news, and in fact, the AppDynamics Cloud demo was one of the most popular demos at the entire event!

Why all the excitement?

Why the excitement for partners and customers?

The answer for our partners is simple: They’re in the customer-first business, and their customers are asking for help to execute and manage their digital transformation and cloud strategies. With this need as the driver, AppDynamics Cloud is destined to become a must-have solution to help our partners accelerate their customers’ journey in gaining value by going digital in the cloud.

For customers, the AppDynamics Cloud solution is purpose-built to observe distributed and dynamic cloud native applications at scale, complementing our existing AppDynamics application performance monitoring (APM) offering. In their journeys to the cloud, more and more customers are transitioning from traditional three-tier applications to cloud native applications built from services that span multiple clouds, on-premises and network infrastructure.

With such a complex application landscape, deploying full-stack observability of cloud native applications is critical to identifying root causes and remediating issues impacting user experiences. This is where customers will greatly benefit from the new AppDynamics Cloud cloud native observability solution.

Partners are critical in helping our customers

Our partners will play a critical role in helping customers realize the full value of AppDynamics Cloud. In the Fall of 2021, we announced that AppDynamics committed to being a channel-first organization. With the breadth of complementary services and involvement with their customers, our partners tie the visibility into complex cloud native application landscapes provided by AppDynamics Cloud into the actions required to deliver optimal application user experiences.

Helping partners succeed with AppDynamics Cloud

Throughout Cisco Live, I met with many AppDynamics and Cisco partners. From meeting to meeting, the story stayed the same:

  • Existing AppDynamics partners asked how can we team to accelerate helping customers with their cloud native application observability needs? AppDynamics partners also asked for help building out their full-stack observability practices with AppDynamics.
  • Existing Cisco partners without an AppDynamics practice asked how to get started leveraging AppDynamics. These partners realize their customers’ digital transformation success centers around leveraging full-stack observability to deliver exceptional application experiences. Cisco’s full-stack observability portfolio – built around AppDynamics, ThousandEyes and Cisco Intersight – delivers a truly differentiated full-stack observability solution.

If you’re a Cisco or AppDynamics partner, I’ll tell you what I told all the partners in those meetings: My channel team and I are here to help you succeed in adding AppDynamics to your existing practices and building out your full-stack observability practices leveraging AppDynamics. Not only do we have several enablement resources ready for you, such as Blackbelt training, but my team is also here to help facilitate your success. For starters, we’ll work with you to bring AppDynamics Cloud in-house to try it out for yourself.

Schedule an AppDynamics Cloud demo

With digital transformation on every customer CIO’s agenda, observing cloud native applications will continue to increase in critical importance for both customers and partners.

Partners can get started now by adding AppDynamics Cloud into their practices, so they’re ready when their customers ask for help to ensure they’re delivering exceptional experiences with their cloud native applications.

And for customers without the internal resources to consistently deliver exceptional experiences for their cloud native application, we can help you find a partner with the expertise and resources to help.

Discover AppDynamics Cloud and get in contact with a cloud native specialist to evolve your digital transformation.

Mark Maslach has been with Cisco for over 22 years, holding leadership roles across channels, sales and product management. He is focused on helping Cisco and Cisco’s partners gain market share while producing amazing customer experiences. He recently joined AppDynamics as Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Strategic Alliances.

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