AppDynamics Announces New Software Quality and Incident Management Partners

August 11 2020

Since our last update, we’ve added three new partners to the Integration Partner Program, each addressing critical areas where our customers need more support.

In June 2019 we launched the Integration Partner Program (IPP) to support our customers, offer a wider variety of software services, and solve critical challenges in our mutual customers’ environments. Since that launch and our success doubling the size of our partner ecosystem in just a few months, we’ve continued to expand and develop our partners’ role in the Central Nervous System (CNS).

By allowing us to proactively monitor and optimize all aspects of our customers’ IT environments, each of these partners plays a critical role in our CNS. The IPP was founded with a focus on solving universal problems in our customers’ environments, and to that end, we’ve aligned with the partners who complement and enhance our CNS vision.

We’ve seen massive success with this program, and we’re thrilled to see how it continues to expand in the future. We’ve also launched an eBook for those who may be interested in joining the program, with a deep dive into how the program works, who our partners are, and the future of the IPP.

With that, we’re excited to introduce the three newest additions to our growing ecosystem of partners.

Expanding the Partner Ecosystem


CloudFabrix’s OIA (Operations Intelligence Analytics) solution assists customers in speeding up problem resolution by reducing the complexity and volume of noise from different monitoring tools. The CloudFabrix platform provides more context and actionability using AppDynamics event/alert data. By correlating the myriad of data back to applications with context and reducing the alerting noise from multiple tools, CloudFabrix can help customers get to the root cause faster to solve issues.


LaunchDarkly is a feature management platform that enables DevOps teams to control the whole feature lifecycle, from concept to launch to value. With feature flagging, LaunchDarkly wraps new or risky sections of code or infrastructure changes with a flag. Your AppDynamics monitoring dashboards can now include changes in LaunchDarkly events from feature flags, projects, or team members. You can use these events to monitor operational health as code changes and ensure you are only broadly distributing well-performing code.


Squadcast is a cloud-based software solution designed around Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices with Incident Management & On-call Scheduling capabilities. Squadcast has been diligently building and learning about how to make alerting & on-call management more intuitive, simple, and aligned with the SRE philosophy. With this integration, AppDynamics users benefit from their observability data by making it more actionable and enabling better incident response centered around SRE.

Driving IPP Success in Key Solution Domains

As customer needs expand and the IT ecosystem becomes more complex, it’s clear that we’re always going to need new solutions to address an ever-growing list of challenges. We’re always conducting new research to find out the areas where our customers need more support, and we partner with software solutions that complement those areas.

Each of these partners falls under a key solution domain that addresses one of today’s key application development and delivery demands:

Incident Management

Our Incident Management partners take the metrics AppDynamics provides to add context to alerts, correlate them with prior incidents, and provide a single click solution to identify root cause and improve triage efforts.

Cross-Domain Visibility

The integration between AppDynamics and our Cross-Domain Visibility partners provides customers with a unique end-to-end root cause analysis solution addressing the critical step of any investigation: finding the root cause and understanding “what has changed in the environment?”

Infrastructure Optimization

AppDynamics provides contextual insight into application topology, which allows our Infrastructure Optimization partners to establish dependency relationships at each layer of the IT stack to make better decisions that optimize for cost and performance.

Software Quality and Delivery

By leveraging AppDynamics with our Software Quality and Delivery partners, teams can gain deeper visibility into the full-stack performance of cloud, mobile, and corporate applications with clear insights into critical IT processes like testing, release management, change management, and DevOps performance.

For more details on the Integration Partner Program and our partners, check out our eBook, Delivering a Central Nervous System for AIOps: The Integration Partner Ecosystem.

Looking to the Future

We’ll be continuing to expand our partnerships to offer a wider portfolio of services for our customers and address the evolving challenges of running complex application environments in our modern world. We’re excited to continue that journey, and we hope you’ll join us. Stay tuned for more details about our integrations with SquadCast, LaunchDarkly, CloudFabrix, and other vendors.

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Matt Chotin
Matt Chotin is Sr. Director of Developer Initiatives at AppDynamics, charged with leading AppDynamics products to better support developers in improving performance and achieving business outcomes. Prior to AppDynamics, Matt held product leadership roles at Chegg and Adobe and co-founded his own startup.

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