AppDynamics Announces Support for Lambda Function URLs

May 12 2022

Our powerful solution provides visibility into your workloads running in AWS Lambda.

With AWS Lambda, organizations can move to a serverless microservices model as part of their journey to the cloud. While many functions need the advanced API design features that come via Amazon API Gateway, sometimes a simpler mechanism for invoking an individual function is all that’s needed. AWS recently launched the general availability of Lambda function URLs, and AppDynamics is happy to announce our full support for monitoring Lambda functions invoked via Lambda function URLs.

AppDynamics provides visibility into your workloads running in AWS Lambda, regardless of how your Lambda functions are invoked. Using AppDynamics to monitor AWS Lambda functions invoked by Lambda function URLs is done the same way as with other AWS Lambda functions: AppDynamics provides an AWS Lambda Runtime Extension to automatically instrument functions in NodeJS and Python, and makes an SDK available for instrumenting Java-based Lambda functions.

With the release of Lambda function URLs, AWS has introduced new CloudWatch metrics that provide insight into the performance of these URLs. AppDynamics can capture these new metrics via our AWS Lambda Monitoring Extension. Including these new metrics in your AppDynamics environment will unearth new insights into the end-to-end performance of these functions in the context of your application. For example, a consistently high value for UrlRequestLatency may suggest cold start issues with a particular function.

Learn more about AWS Monitoring, including how to monitor AWS Lambda functions with AppDynamics.

Wayne Brown is a Senior Solutions Engineer with AppDynamics. He has built more than 20 years of experience in software development, architecture, and consulting across a wide range of technologies, disciplines, and industries since graduating from Mississippi College with both a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science. Wayne is based in Montana, and in his spare time keeps up his skills as a master certified BBQ judge.

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