Better Together: Align Application and Infrastructure Teams with AppDynamics and Cisco Intersight

December 07 2020

Unleash the combined strength of AppDynamics and Cisco Intersight to connect app and infrastructure teams and avoid the “must be the network” blame game.

Today’s consumers turn online for everything from ordering groceries to filling prescriptions to finding a home. The digital customer experience, for many businesses, is the business.

Delivering an exceptional digital experience is now a must-have for staying competitive and achieving sustainable business growth. In fact, 50% of consumers would be willing to pay more for an organization’s product or service if its digital services were better than a competitor’s. And 49% of consumers have actually switched suppliers due to a negative digital experience.

Clearly, application performance has never been more business-critical. So, how can you deliver a flawless digital experience and ensure IT infrastructure is never the reason for poor application performance?

Bridging the Gap Between Application and Infrastructure Teams

Application health is inextricably tied to the health of the underlying infrastructure. Unfortunately, many organizations are hampered by siloed IT teams and disparate management tools.

But when a customer has a bad experience with your app, they don’t care whether your network is the reason behind the app’s sluggish performance. They just want the app to work flawlessly. Consumers today have zero tolerance for poor digital experiences, so when app performance doesn’t meet their expectations, your reputation and your bottom line suffer.

Application and IT infrastructure teams need to focus on what matters most: ensuring applications always perform optimally.

To do this, teams need access to the same information so that they can speak the same language. With the same visibility into applications, IT infrastructure, and data, your teams can eliminate wasteful and expensive overprovisioning, avoid the “it must be the network” blame game, and rapidly identify the root causes of application performance issues.

Introducing the Perfect Pairing for Application Resource Management: AppDynamics + Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer

Whether you run your applications on-premises, in the cloud, or both, leveraging the combined power of AppDynamics and Cisco can help you bridge the gap between your application and IT infrastructure.

AppDynamics and Cisco Intersight™ Workload Optimizer (IWO) break down operation silos and give your teams the visibility, insight, and actions they need to improve business outcomes.


appdynamics cisco intersight visibility insight action


Easy access to data visibility across different domains allows your application and infrastructure teams to tap into contextualized and correlated insights. These insights enable teams to collaborate more effectively and take strategic actions that ensure superior digital experiences for your users.

With AppDynamics and Cisco IWO, IT teams can deliver seamless digital experiences to meet user demand while also managing the costs and complexity of application-centric businesses. Thanks to a closed-loop operating model, application and infrastructure teams get full-stack visibility for a shared and prioritized view of complex environments. You benefit from:

  • Visibility into the entire stack to understand application resource needs based on demand at every layer.

appdynamics cisco intersight visibility


  • Insight through AI-assisted analytics keeps application performance optimized with real-time decisions.

appdynamics cisco intersight insight


  • Action to help ensure application performance (recommended actions can be automated or applied manually).

appdynamics cisco intersight actions


Key Use Cases

AppDynamics, when combined with IWO, ensures applications continuously get the resources they need from an infrastructure perspective—on-premises, in hybrid, and in cloud-native architectures. Working together, they deliver intelligent infrastructure resourcing insights to ensure the right actions are taken for applications to perform flawlessly and cost-effectively in multi-cloud scenarios.

Offering visibility into application and infrastructure interdependencies and business performance, AppDynamics and Cisco IWO allows you to:

  • Optimize your data center and private cloud. Automate workload placement, scaling, and capacity to assure performance and maximize efficiency. Quickly model what-if scenarios based on the real-time environment to accurately forecast capacity needs.
  • Control cloud assets to deliver service levels. Automatically scale workloads, storage, and databases in real time. Track, report, and view trends for computing, storage, and database consumption metrics (CPU, memory, IOPs, latency, and DTU [Database Transaction Unit]) across regions and zones.
  • Rightsize public cloud costs. Automatically scale down Microsoft Azure virtual machines, Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances, and storage and database tiers to help reduce costs without affecting performance.


cisco intersight use cases


Is Your IT Infrastructure Application-Aware?

To consistently deliver world-class digital experiences, you need to eliminate infrastructure as the cause of application performance problems. The combination of AppDynamics and Cisco IWO uses application performance metrics to drive better decisions so that your IT infrastructure can be more application-aware.

With AppDynamics and Cisco IWO, organizations can address the increased demand for flawless digital experiences with a multi-domain approach that empowers teams to take action.

Join our webinar to gain deep technical insights into how you can combine AppDynamics with Cisco IWO to ensure flawless application performance.

Shreyans Parekh
Shreyans Parekh is a Senior Manager at AppDynamics, where he manages go-to-market strategy across product releases and is focused on innovation in the areas of End User Monitoring (EUM), Cloud Migration and IoT. His writing has appeared in publications by Intuit, IBM Bluewolf, New Relic, Apttus and the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He can be reached on Twitter @ShreyParekh.

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