AppDynamics and Cisco Intersight Empower IT to Deliver World Class Experience-Driven Applications

January 28 2020

See how AppDynamics Experience Journey Map and Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer deliver a premiere solution for building world-class digital experiences.

The digital world is changing the way IT teams function. Gone are the days of merely managing uptime — today, IT is a strategic partner to the business, tasked with managing application security performance, security performance, and the allocation of the right infrastructure resources.

Adding a layer of complexity, however, is that applications no longer just support the business — for many of the world’s most recognizable brands, they actually are the business.

And that puts IT teams closer to the customer than ever before.

As a result, IT has evolved from a cost-center to an innovation-driver, a group that’s just as focused on scaling the delivery of world-class customer experiences as it is managing the infrastructure behind them.

So, what’s the problem?

Application environments have exploded in complexity in recent years. IT teams have been asked to manage that complexity while often navigating operational silos that make collaboration and data exchange challenging, at best. At the same time, containerization, the rise of cloud, edge computing, and IoT have created more dependencies across the stack than ever before — and the momentum shows no sign of stopping. In fact, according to IDC, each business application has four to eight other application dependencies today, and within two years, that number is projected to increase by half.

What’s more, while the role of IT has changed, its visibility into the complicated interplay between application, infrastructure, and the business has not. Even as IT has been expected to support constant change across emergent hybrid and multi-cloud environments, full awareness of dependencies has remained elusive.

That is, until now.

Building Better Customer Experiences with Agility, Simplicity, and Automation

Customers have more choices than ever before. Fortunately, applications that deliver a strong digital experience have the potential to differentiate in a sea of competition. In fact, recent research suggests that positive digital experiences may even elevate the value of a product or service: according to the AppAttention Index, half of all consumers would pay more for products and services that deliver a better digital experience.

That’s why we’re excited to share the news that together with Cisco Intersight, AppDynamics is helping businesses address the increased demand for flawless digital experiences with a multi-domain approach that empowers teams to take action. At the heart of this approach is Experience Journey Map, an industry-first feature that will completely transform the way you identify, triage, and resolve issues that impact the customer experience.

How does it work?

Experience Journey Map leverages machine learning to ingest data generated by your application environment and AI to automatically prioritize and solve problems in real-time. Unlike any other tool on the market, Experience Journey Map provides a complete end-to-end view of customer journeys across applications, layering on critical context in the form of business and operational insights, so you can make smarter decisions in less time.

The Power of Cisco Intersight and AppDynamics

Leveraging the power of Cisco Intersight and AppDynamics means taking the insights provided by Experience Journey Map and connecting them to the greater IT ecosystem. That’s where Cisco’s Intersight Workload Optimizer comes into play, allowing AppDynamics topology to be combined with granular level insight into infrastructure in order to drive collaboration, identify dependencies, and accelerate delivery.

With Intersight Workload Optimizer and AppDynamics, IT teams have the ability to scale and refine digital experiences to meet user demand while also managing the costs and complexity of application-centric businesses. This is courtesy of a closed loop operating model in which application and infrastructure teams get full stack visibility — from end users, the business, the application, and infrastructure — for a shared and prioritized view of complex environments. With this shared context, application and infrastructure teams can clearly identify respective action items and move swiftly to resolve the right issues, at exactly the right time.

The Future of Experience-Driven Applications

Today, IT is a strategic driver of business outcomes and a key player in delivering world-class customer experiences at scale. At the same time, applications have exploded in complexity, requiring a proactive approach to performance monitoring that extends across public, private, and hybrid environments. While transformation requires a significant investment of resources, the risk of stagnating in the face of that complexity is more costly. That’s why businesses today must enable IT to move quickly to deliver the best digital experiences possible, and preserve competitive advantage while also delighting customers in the process. That’s why we’re incredibly excited for deeper integration with Cisco Intersight to deliver the premiere solutions for driving world-class digital experiences.

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Danny Winokur
Danny Winokur is General Manager at AppDynamics.

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