Upgrade your monitoring experience with our reimagined mobile app

August 10 2021

Attention, on-call warriors! You asked, we answered — we’re excited to announce that our reimagined mobile app is now generally available to our customers.

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Businesses are deploying aggressive digital transformation strategies to keep pace in today’s hypercompetitive IT landscape, and their application footprints are exploding exponentially in size and complexity. As a result, monitoring these ecosystems 24/7 from end to end — always a difficult endeavor — has become an even more overwhelming effort for the ITOps teams, DevOps personnel and site reliability engineers (SREs) responsible for keeping an eye on them after hours.

If you’re one of these engineers, you’ve likely rushed home from an event or been woken from a deep sleep to sign in to your laptop and check your system’s health after receiving an alert, page or other notification. But you’ve probably thought to yourself on more than one occasion, what other option do I have?

Here at AppDynamics, we feel your pain. Our AppDynamics Classic mobile app has always provided you with a way to stay plugged into your application environment anytime, anyplace, anywhere right from your phone.

But our mission isn’t to simply meet your expectations — we’re here to exceed them. Our reimagined app helps you keep pace with your constantly changing IT estate while lightening the load and making your on-call shifts less onerous.

Introducing AppDynamics mobile app 2.0

Our reimagined app powers more efficient and effective incident resolution on the go. It provides a means to easily keep tabs on the performance and health of your entire application ecosystem along with deep insights that allow you to quickly determine the severity, urgency and priority of any issues that occur.

In addition to delivering an enhanced mobile experience, we implemented five key features that specifically target the needs of overstretched engineers like you.

You can now:

  • Track mission-critical data and metrics at a glance on the customizable Home screen.
  • Focus on the events that matter most to you via our configurable Events Feed.
  • Contextualize issues and understand their impact system-wide using relationship-based navigation.
  • Pinpoint root causes swiftly thanks to our artificial intelligence (AI)-based Automated Transaction Diagnostics (ATD) capability.
  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party tools such as PagerDuty, Slack and email through deep link integration.*

View your data your way

The Home screen allows you to monitor key metrics and the health of the entities that are most important to you at a glance from a single, customizable view. In just three simple steps, you can create and configure widgets that display the in-depth, real-time data you need to proactively identify and mitigate potential problems and negative trends before they affect your end users — and eventually your bottom line.

Mobile app Home screen widget configuration step 1  Mobile app Home screen widget configuration step 2  Mobile app Home screen widget configuration step 3  Mobile app Home screen with a customized widget

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Focus on what matters most

While alerting functionality isn’t a new feature of our mobile experience, the reimagined app allows you to pick and choose the type of notifications you’d like to receive. This means the system only informs you about the events that matter most — and you don’t have to wade through a sea of data to find them.

But we didn’t stop there. From the Events Feed, you can search and filter the list of notifications to quickly retrieve the insights that you need to begin troubleshooting.

Mobile app Events Feed  Mobile app Events Feed search functionality  Mobile app Events Feed filter functionality

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Visualize relationships across your IT estate

When an issue arises, it’s imperative that you rapidly identify its root cause and ascertain its possible impact system-wide. But application ecosystems evolve daily, and you need the ability to visualize yours in its current state from end to end in order to fully understand what’s at stake. Using the app’s intuitive, relationship-based navigation, you can easily browse across related entities and drill down to determine if and how they are affected. This allows you to prioritize effectively and assemble the correct teams to resolve the problem from the get-go.

Mobile app relationship-based navigation drillthrough  Mobile app relationship-based navigation drillthrough  Mobile app relationship-based navigation drillthrough

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Analyze root causes with a few taps

Pinpointing the root cause of an issue is difficult under the best of circumstances, but it’s even more so when you’re the lone engineer burning the midnight (or weekend) oil. To provide you with the investigative power you need, we integrated our leading-edge, AI-based ATD capability into the app. It allows you to quickly review and analyze the potential origins of a problem, bring the appropriate parties to the table immediately, and begin the resolution process without delay.

Mobile app artificial intelligence (AI)-based Automated Transaction Diagnostics (ATD) summary view  Mobile app artificial intelligence (AI)-based Automated Transaction Diagnostics (ATD) suspected cause view

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Integrate with your favorite tools

You probably use a variety of third-party applications and platforms such as PagerDuty, Slack and email to communicate with your technology and your colleagues. The app allows you to seamlessly transition from these tools through deep link integration. When you tap a shared link in a page or a message, the system takes you straight to the relevant AppDynamics data — no searching required.

It’s time to modernize on-call duty

Our reimagined app makes it easy to monitor your application ecosystem 24/7 from wherever you are. With the means to rapidly respond at your fingertips, you can mitigate potential problems, reduce mean time to identify (MTTI)/resolution (MTTR) when issues do arise, and continue delivering the best-in-class digital experiences that your end users deserve.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the App Store or Google Play (or scan the QR code below) and take it for a test drive today.

This QR code will automatically detect your device type (iOS or Android) and take you to the appropriate destination.

QR code to install the Android and iOS versions of the mobile app


* A list of supported technologies is available here.

Terence Fong
Terence Fong is a Senior Product Manager who leads our mobile app and dashboarding efforts at AppDynamics and is passionate about providing a superior experience for our users. He has a background in the consumer product space and holds an M.S. from Stanford University.

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