General availability of Flutter Agent for Mobile Real User Monitoring

February 22 2023

Cisco AppDynamics Flutter Agent for MRUM is a powerful tool that provides comprehensive performance monitoring for mobile applications.

As a mobile app developer, staying on top of the latest technologies and tools is essential to building high-performing, user-friendly apps that keep customers engaged and coming back for more. One of the most popular mobile development frameworks on the market today is Flutter, a free and open source framework created by Google.

With its fast and responsive design, Flutter is quickly becoming a go-to choice for developers looking to build high-performing, visually appealing applications. With the release of the new Cisco AppDynamics Flutter Agent for Mobile Real User Monitoring (MRUM), application developers and application performance engineers, digital marketing teams and business users can gain a better understanding of the performance of mobile applications and services and how users interact with them. This can be used to improve end-user experience and optimize performance, ensuring applications are running at their best.

Gain deep insights into user experiences

The Flutter Agent allows developers and performance engineers to easily track real-time performance metrics such as application load time, frame rate and memory usage, as well as monitor user interactions and network requests of mobile applications built using the Flutter framework. This helps identify and resolve issues quickly and effectively. In addition, the Flutter Agent also includes a debugging tool that allows developers to easily trace, identify and fix issues related to memory leaks, crashes and other performance bottlenecks. General availability of the Flutter Agent for MRUM is a significant step forward in helping developers build better and more responsive mobile applications with the Flutter framework.

Getting started with the Flutter Agent

The installation process is straightforward and can be completed within a few minutes. Once the agent is installed on your development machine, you can begin instrumenting your Flutter application to start collecting real-time performance data and leverage available features like user interaction monitoring, network request monitoring, crash reporting, debugging capabilities, custom events and dashboards.

The popular Flutter framework is increasing its usage daily, and the Flutter Agent for MRUM is a powerful tool that provides comprehensive performance monitoring for mobile applications. With real-time data and debugging capabilities, it’s a valuable resource for developers looking to build high-performing, user-friendly mobile applications.

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Shaiju Melakrod Kalathil is a talented engineering product manager at Cisco AppDynamics, specializing in digital experience. Driven by a fascination for understanding digital users and creating seamless digital experiences, Shaiju is passionate about staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends and technologies. In his spare time, Shaiju is an avid traveler and road trip enthusiast.

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