How Cisco AppDynamics enables HIPAA-compliant digital healthcare experiences

February 02 2023

How Cisco AppDynamics enables organizations to maintain compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Consumers now expect digital services in every aspect of their lives, and healthcare providers in recent years have responded with rapid digital transformation in their service offerings. This transformation has launched a new generation of modern e-healthcare — from telemedicine, virtual home care and medical device monitoring to new online-only healthcare and insurance providers. While digital transformation brings greater convenience to customers, it can open the door to higher personal health information (PHI) exposure. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) established specific protocols and guidelines for the protection of this information. Covered entities must maintain HIPAA compliance in all their digital services and ensure their end-user PHI is safeguarded.

Our role in digital healthcare services

Cisco AppDynamics is an application performance monitoring (APM) and observability solution used by healthcare providers to ensure their applications’ availability and deliver optimized digital experiences to their customers. Cisco AppDynamics products are not intended to process, store, transmit or otherwise access personal health information (PHI). Customers remain in control of the configuration of our products, and we provide tools to help account administrators manage the types of data processed. To facilitate our customers’ HIPAA compliance, we will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with digital healthcare providers to address any incidental PHI that might be provided to us in connection with Cisco AppDynamics products.

How does Cisco AppDynamics enable HIPAA compliance for digital healthcare providers?

Cisco AppDynamics is committed at all levels to the security of data entrusted to us by our digital healthcare technology customers and has conducted a HIPAA self-assessment to ensure the best possible digital experience for healthcare providers and their customers.

Cisco AppDynamics operates under a shared responsibility model, where Cisco AppDynamics is responsible for maintaining data protection of our healthcare technology team’s end user data while also granting the proper tools for healthcare providers to enforce HIPAA compliance rules. In line with the HIPAA Security Rule, Cisco AppDynamics safeguards data to address security, privacy and operational resiliency as documented in our AppDynamics Trust Center. For further information regarding data processing by Cisco AppDynamics products, including restrictions on data collection and the tools available to our customers, please refer to our end user license agreement (EULA).

Need to request a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA)? Please reach out to your account manager to begin the process.

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