Optimize application performance with Cisco AppDynamics on Microsoft Azure

June 05 2024

Cisco AppDynamics expands availability to Microsoft Azure in addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS), thus giving AppDynamics customers their preferred cloud deployment choices. Many organizations use Azure as part of their multi-cloud strategy, while other organizations rely on Azure for regional deployments to comply with data residency and industry-specific requirements. Now all organizations can improve digital business resiliency with multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-prem observability solutions from AppDynamics.

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Many digital applications are built on complex infrastructure, integrated services, and a mixture of cloud providers to be successful. Yet the experience from your customers’ point of view has to be seamless and high performing. This is why it’s so important that you can choose one or more cloud service providers who can deliver the speed, flexibility, and comprehensive solutions you need to deliver these seamless interactions. No wonder the use of public cloud services is soaring and projected to reach $675.4 billion in 2024—a 20.4% jump from 2023.

Introducing Cisco AppDynamics hosted on Microsoft Azure

Cisco AppDynamics is expanding its availability options by delivering comprehensive, Full-Stack Observability — Application Performance Management (APM), Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), SAP monitoring, and more now hosted on Microsoft Azure, fostering the expansion of multi-cloud strategies across new regions. These new capabilities enable you to:

  • Manage and optimize the performance of applications at scale with your preferred cloud provider.
  • Quickly observe what’s most important to your business while maintaining compliance with industry-specific regulations and requirements.
  • Easily try, buy, and set up Cisco AppDynamics through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Gain expanded regional coverage with your preferred cloud provider

Some businesses have strict mandates on which cloud provider they can use, whether that is due to geographic location or contractual obligations. The newly expanded regional availability supports data residency requirements and allows customers to adhere to data residency regulations and policies.
In addition to data residency laws, when evaluating infrastructure and development requirements, businesses may want to consider:

  • Risk mitigation – is there a redundancy of services to reduce service outages or data loss?
  • Optimized performance and latency – are availability zones or data centers strategically located?
  • Cost optimization – due to varying pricing structures, are cloud costs appropriately leveled?
  • Best-of-breed services – are you leveraging the best services and capabilities of each provider?

While having a multi-cloud approach can help overcome some of the potential challenges, it can also increase complexity. This is where observability plays an important role—giving you actionable insights into disparate and complex infrastructures, in one or multiple cloud environments.
AppDynamics enables you to preemptively address performance issues before they impact user experience and business metrics. With the full picture and all the granular details at your fingertips, you can easily make informed decisions, understand complex system behavior, and quickly scale up as needed to meet customer needs. We provide you with the tools you need to observe, secure, scale, and adhere to local data residency regulations, empowering you to detect and resolve performance issues fast — and deliver superior digital experiences.

Cisco AppDynamics hosted on Microsoft Azure 1

Cisco AppDynamics + Microsoft Azure

You can now try, buy, and deploy AppDynamics across your application technology stack within Microsoft Azure. Enhance operational efficiency, align with your financial objectives, and meet global business requirements with your preferred cloud service provider.


Learn more about how Cisco AppDynamics, hosted on Microsoft Azure, is further improving hybrid application monitoring within Full-Stack Observability and how you can streamline operational workflows, expand regional coverage, and observe what’s most important to your business.

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