Revolutionizing call center management: The power of Full-Stack Observability with UCCE/PCCE

August 03 2023

Full-stack observability with Cisco AppDynamics revolutionizes call center management, optimizing performance, improving customer experience and driving business success.

Full-stack observability has revolutionized call center management by integrating Cisco AppDynamics into Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE). Let’s explore the value of UCCE monitoring and its ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Monitor your tech and customer experience

Call centers are critical to connecting with your customers. The ability to successfully manage and optimize their performance leaves little room for error. UCCE monitoring goes beyond technical monitoring by focusing squarely on the customer experience. It reduces noise and ensures that customers have a seamless experience. By monitoring not only performance but also business-relevant metrics, organizations can boost customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales.

UCCE and Cisco AppDynamics provide a unified landscape for performance monitoring across all dependencies and integrations. This comprehensive approach allows businesses to monitor their entire application stack, compute infrastructure and network from a single dashboard. Real-time insights and custom dashboards enable quick issue isolation, freeing up valuable resources and reducing downtime.

Remote work has transformed the call center

In today’s remote work environment, UCCE monitoring is crucial. It enables businesses to rapidly pinpoint network issues – even when they occur at a customer service agent’s home. By ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and proactively resolving problems, organizations can maintain exceptional customer experiences regardless of agent location.

By leveraging UCCE monitoring, businesses can consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences. Operations teams can elevate their role from a “fix-it crew” to business owners by gaining a deep understanding of system bottlenecks and real-time visibility into performance. This empowers organizations to make informed decisions and optimize call center operations for long-term success.

Your journey to UCCE maturity

As you work to optimize your UCCE monitoring, it’s important to consider the different stages of maturity and determine which stage applies to your team:

The UCCE maturity model outlines the progressive stages of monitoring maturity. At Level 1, teams are primarily unaware of systems issues until a customer reports a problem. Level 2 introduces reactive monitoring with some consideration for business impact. Level 3 shifts towards proactive monitoring where systems issues are identified by operations teams before customers are impacted and where impact is seen within the context of business goals. Finally, Level 4 represents predictive monitoring driven by customer needs, with self-healing capabilities and intelligent resource scaling.

Implementing Cisco AppDynamics’ solution for UCCE monitoring will help lead you to Levels 3-4 quickly and efficiently – allowing you to reap the rich benefits of a mature UCCE model.

Deliver impactful business outcomes

At the end of the day, the most important thing with any solution is business benefit. Most importantly, UCCE monitoring delivers crucial business outcomes, such as:

  • Proactive Monitoring: Improving Reliable Operations
    UCCE monitoring helps businesses proactively identify and address issues, reducing downtime and minimizing customer impact. By monitoring the application stack, infrastructure and network, organizations can swiftly resolve problems, optimize operations and maintain high availability.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Delivering Superior Experiences
    By promptly resolving systems issues, organizations maintain seamless interactions, leading to higher NPS or JD Power scores. Prioritizing customer needs and proactive issue resolution strengthens satisfaction and brand loyalty.

In conclusion, UCCE/PCCE monitoring by Cisco AppDynamics empowers businesses to optimize call center operations, enhance customer satisfaction and drive business success.

“By harnessing the full power of Cisco, we empower businesses to achieve optimal business outcomes through full-stack observability,” said Cisco AppDynamics General Manager, Ronak Desai. “Our integrated solution spans application, infrastructure, user experience, security and network, ensuring a comprehensive approach for Cisco’s call center solution. In fact, we stand by our own technology, as Cisco utilizes UCCE to monitor our own call centers. Together, we deliver the seamless monitoring capabilities needed to drive exceptional customer experiences and unlock the true potential of your call center operations.”

Embrace the power of UCCE monitoring and elevate your call center experience to new heights. By proactively resolving issues, streamlining operations and prioritizing customer needs, organizations can drive business success and maintain a competitive edge.

Charlie DeMarco is a technical business leader with over 20 years of experience in systems engineering, worldwide sales, service, customer success, business development, operations and marketing in enterprise, commercial and public sector verticals. His focus on creating a culture of shared success with partners, customers and teams is the cornerstone of his work. Charlie combines extensive experience in full-stack observability, cloud, mobility, networking, security and data center operations with a history of exceptional results, building thriving teams, delighting customers, strategic planning and sales execution.

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