How We Think of SaaS at AppDynamics

October 21 2019

The rise of SaaS has served as a catalyst for innovation in nearly every industry. Learn more about what this means for AppDynamics and how we provide the support you need to prepare for the future.

Software has performed a great vanishing act. It is no longer something we install and manage. It has become an invisible power we summon with a word or two—typed or increasingly spoken— and command. It is Aladdin’s genie, answering our questions, booking our flights home for the holidays, and arranging for a tasty meal to be delivered to our doors. As employees, we interact with nifty UIs, but almost never with the code underneath, unless we are engineers and that is our job.

We take for granted the existence of robust infrastructure that will not only ensure that the services we depend on are always available, always responsive, and always secure but also safeguard our personal data from bad actors. We expect that bugs will be fixed before they affect us, that code will be constantly improved, and that engineers will be at work, behind the scenes, making the digital world a better place.

At AppDynamics we work hard every day to deliver a secure, reliable, and highly available SaaS solution. We monitor millions of customer’s applications and endpoints globally and serve as the primary alerting solution when we detect anomalies. Our mission is to make the digital world work by ensuring that our customers achieve these user experience expectations through our market-leading, real-time application performance monitoring solutions—all delivered by the cloud—powerful software running dependably and invisibly in the background, 24/7, around the world.

Customers across the Fortune Global 2000 depend on us to help them maintain a high performing and secure application environments, as well as access the insights they need to drive the business forward. Our customers invest in AppDynamics because their applications must meet the high standards for user experience set by the world’s leading SaaS companies—they must be reliably available, able to scale, and highly performant.

These are also the standards to which we hold AppDynamics SaaS.

Availability — AppDynamics SaaS delivers 99.99% availability. This enables us to provide performance insights and drive automated root cause analysis when they are most needed—as soon as an issue is detected and often before it affects end-users. We maintain this high level of availability through seamless software upgrades, which we deliver with zero downtime. In the event of a disaster at a primary site, we activate a full recovery plan—one that is regularly tested—to bring up service in one of our global disaster recovery locations.

Scalability — The AppDynamics SaaS architecture ensures that critical metric data and events are not dropped. While this is hard to replicate in a locally installed implementation given the distributed microservice nature of our platform, with SaaS, we are able to scale billions of events and trillions of metrics a day.

Performance — Network response time has a tremendous impact on the end-user experience. And latency can be compounded due to longer distances between users and servers in the cloud. With AppDynamics SaaS, our regional availability reduces latency for our users around the globe.

In today’s globally connected architecture, security threats are a fact of business. Security and data privacy can no longer be an afterthought but must be built-in by design. AppDynamics SaaS undergoes annual third-party audits to certify SOC 2 Type II compliance and GDPR law, an industry-standard measure for the design and operating effectiveness. These audits ensure our controls meet stringent criteria for security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy.

The rise of SaaS has unleashed innovation in every industry, and we are particularly excited about what it means for AppDynamics in the short and long term as we release new features and evolve our platform to deliver the Central Nervous System for IT. We recently announced the Cognition Engine, which combines our Business Transaction data model with powerful machine learning insights. We also recently released the Serverless Agenda for AWS Lambda, which allows enterprises to monitor and manage Lambda functions like any other component of their application estate. Both features are currently available on SaaS only, as our SaaS architecture provides strong support for these new capabilities and positions us for the future—when AIOps empowers every business with insights and automation, enabling them to take the right action at the right time.



Kahnan Patel
Kahnan Patel is Senior Director of Engineering at AppDynamics focused on transforming SaaS business and AppDynamics platform. As a leader, Kahnan is focused on delivering a service-oriented SaaS product build for resiliency, speed, efficiency and security to delightfully monitoring millions of AppDynamics customer endpoint globally. At a personal level Kahnan enjoys engaging and learning from venture and early-stage firms in product innovation, infrastructure/Backend, security and cloud management.

Bradley Owen
Bradley Owen is the Product Manager for SaaS and ServiceNow integrations at AppDynamics. He is focused on building solutions that will quickly deliver value to customers, drawing on over 20 years of industry experience as a product manager with companies like ServiceNow and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services.

Kahnan Patel

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