What’s on our radar: APM expert shares A-list app performance monitoring content

July 26 2022

Snapshot of the application performance monitoring (APM) content that AppDynamics’ observability technical expert, Aaron Schifman finds valuable.


Welcome to our second post in a series highlighting A-list content from AppDynamics’ subject matter experts on their favorite topics. In June we posted top-of-mind content for OpenTelemetry™ with expert Severin Neumann — now we’re turning attention to application performance monitoring content. Keep reading to learn what Aaron Schifman, our technical subject matter expert for APM, finds interesting.

Aaron Schifman is an AppDynamics Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager with over two decades of experience thriving in challenging globally based environments as an engineer, technical product marketing manager, pre-sales consultant and professional services leader.

Is it time to go beyond application performance monitoring?

This quick (three-minute read) from TechReport takes a high-level look at whether companies have outgrown traditional app performance and monitoring platforms and if so — what’s next. It makes an argument that depending on how complex an org’s application delivery chain is, it might be time to level-up monitoring, embrace an observability mindset and deploy a full-stack solution that addresses the network, all the clouds (private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud) plus third-party integrations that extend beyond app performance monitoring. It also explains why gaining end-to-end sight is key for making real-time business decisions based on data that can reveal not only the root causes of app issues but help prioritize remediation based on the impact to a business’ bottom line.

Boosting IT resilience efforts through application performance monitoring

This McKinsey article does a great job of sharing top-level content on ideologies and technologies that differentiate companies from the competition. It’s a pandemic-induced dive into the importance of organizational resilience strategies in the face of disruption. And it’s specifically focused on APM as a tool that goes beyond alerting to uncover the role of APM in protecting user experience across the entire journey as consumers interact with a brand’s apps. Highlights are the need to safeguard customer journeys and how APM can address that along with four other recommendations worthy of consideration. Authors include tangible steps and the following summary advice: “Organizations must also be deliberate in their implementation and ensure they have the proper capabilities and processes in place. Such efforts will translate into greater visibility and enhanced IT resiliency.”

5 factors to consider before purchasing an application performance monitoring platform

From the popular IT community, Spiceworks, this article goes through all the valuable aspects of APM platforms to weigh against outcomes you’re hoping for from an app performance monitoring solution. From provisioning and ease of setup to third-party and customer support, it’s a good primer for reference. If we were to add any high-level suggestions here it would be to learn about the platform’s customer community offerings as well as any ongoing education available to your technologists.

What’s next for APM tools?

Alongside the article above, this blog from Winward covers the attributes of top-performing APM tools — plus gaps and overlaps between APM and AIOps solutions and the importance of an AIOps roadmap for the future. It also underscores a need for organizations to develop specific APM best practices tailored to their unique business, priorities, goals and staff.

Added bonus: Register for our webinar, embracing AppDynamics OpenTelemetry to learn more from Aaron Schifman or click here to read more AppDynamics application performance monitoring content.

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