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August 02 2022

Learn how AppDynamics can give the hiring edge you need to secure top candidates — or your dream job.

While many industries and professions have undergone seismic shifts over the past few years, the role of technology experts has changed almost beyond measure. In the experience economy — where consumers expect secure, always-on and flawless digital experiences — the importance of digital transformation can’t be understated. And the people responsible for driving these changes? Technologists.

IT pros are under more pressure than ever to deliver rapid innovation and seamless online experiences. To stay relevant in an evolving industry, there’s a need for upskilling and transformation. At the same time, there’s a need for technologists to specialize and differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

Organizations are focused on meeting the needs of application end users while still delivering business outcomes in a changing economy. In fact, 93% of technologists believe that being able to observe the entire IT stack is crucial to successfully meeting business outcomes.

Elite technologists are at the forefront of the transition towards this new norm — and in a highly competitive market, it’s important to showcase your talents. What better way to prove your abilities than leveraging your AppDynamics expertise?

Let’s explore how AppDynamics expertise can help job candidates stand out from the crowd — while also helping organizations attract top talent by showcasing a commitment to future-proofing their business.

The need for Agents of Transformation

The last four years have changed what it means to be a technologist. For most organizations, digital transformation has become the number one priority. Further fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, as both hybrid workplaces and the customer experience continue to increase in importance, the drive for digital transformation shows no sign of slowing down.

Technologists aren’t afraid to innovate and find new tools that help cut complexity. The AppDynamics Agents of Transformation 2022: Innovating in the Experience Economy report shows elite technologists at the forefront of these changes. And these Agents of Transformation are taking bold steps to reinvent not only their skill set but also drive successful business outcomes for their organizations.

But with technology traditionally spread across both on-prem and cloud architectures, a flawless digital experience can be a challenge to deliver. Forward-thinking technologists are stepping up and finding ways to meet these new demands. And one of the best tools at their disposal is the shift toward cloud-native solutions that enable full-stack observability.

Job candidates: Cultivate an observability mindset

One of the key skills elite technologists possess is the ability to differentiate their talent. And while only 10% of technologists are considered Agents of Transformation at the forefront of change, their peers — the Digital Pioneers — aren’t far behind. With 38% of technologists falling into this category, they’re just one step away from becoming the elite technologists that innovation-driven organizations are keen to hire.

Leveraging AppDynamics University — filled with a vast catalog of self-paced and instructor-led courses to advance application performance monitoring (APM) knowledge — can help technologists chart their course. By sharpening AppDynamics expertise, job seekers can prove to be high-impact, growth-driving hires. After all, knowing how to tap into the benefits of AppDynamics’ powerful observability platform will give an organization a level of expertise for how application performance drives business outcomes.

Now that many organizations are moving towards a full-stack observability mindset, technologists with the proven skills and certified expertise to offer these insights can rapidly grow their careers. By showing organizations that you don’t just talk the talk, it’s possible to differentiate yourself in a competitive job market. You’ll also gain a significant hiring advantage over other technologists who may be more focused on balancing their day-to-day reactive responsibilities than looking toward the future.

Hiring companies: Rethink your approach to business applications

On the other side of the coin — organizations are competing to attract and retain the top talent. In today’s hot job market, technologists at the forefront of optimizing digital experiences don’t want to work for organizations with old-school, siloed processes. These technologists already know how to strategically leverage full-stack observability to drive faster and more secure code development.

Shifting your organization towards a model based on full-stack observability demonstrates you’re invested in the future — and doing so helps you secure the top talent. Research shows that 86% of technologists believe it’s those organizations focused on attracting and retaining Agents of Transformation that will go on to become industry innovators.

From a business point of view, hiring a new employee who already understands the observability space means easier onboarding and faster results. Technologists who fully understand how to leverage the capabilities of full-stack observability can also provide data-driven insights that enable swift decision-making and allow you to scale app performance (while also balancing resources and costs).

Agents of Transformation and Digital Pioneers understand how to correlate what’s happening in the IT ecosystem — before making the changes necessary to align this with the business outcomes you’re striving for.

The future is full-stack observability

Organizations and technologists looking toward the future can feel excited about the potential of platforms like AppDynamics to help deliver exceptional application experiences for partners and customers alike. As we head deeper into the experience economy, leveraging full-stack observability is becoming a key component driving business performance — and propelling career growth.

Transform your journey with AppDynamics University

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