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Welcome to the Dynamic Digest, a weekly recap of the latest news happening in our industry. Want the pulse of what’s going on in enterprise software and analytics, performance management, cloud computing, data, and other like topics? We got you covered!

This week in the world of technology, smart homes became better protected, cloud computing competition heightened, Google introduced app streaming, and Minecraft joined forces with computer science.

Dojo Is Designed To Protect Your Smart Home From Itself – TechCrunch, November 19

As exciting as the Internet of Things (IoT) is, the hard question remains – what are we doing to ensure security from potential hackers? For those of you with smart homes, one startup has the answer and it comes in the form of a rock. Dojo-Labs, an Israeli startup, designed a device that monitors an entire network and all the traffic that streams in and out. The network-based solution is capable of identifying suspicious activity by smart devices on your network, whether it be from a hacker working to access your device remotely or your connected device sending out information it shouldn’t be. The Dojo device can simply be used by connecting it to your router via an Ethernet chord and installing the application on your phone. When potential security hacks are identified, the user is notified through a text-like conversation with guidance on what to do in that particular case.

Key takeaway: With the number of connected devices estimated to reach 6.4 billion by 2016, the need for cybersecurity remains top of mind. The unique feature of this device is it provides its users with visibility and essentially complete control over their privacy without needing an expert’s opinion. Although the company insisted that they will only analyze metadata, and not the data itself, some consumers may not want an outside company monitoring activity on their personal network. As the smart home market continues to expand, it will be interesting to see what security devices truly protect its users the most.

Google aims for the cloud with VMware founder Diane Greene – USA TODAY, November 19

When it comes to cloud computing, Google means business. With fierce competition stemming from Microsoft and Amazon, the tech giant has appointed VMware Co-Founder and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Diane Greene, to lead its cloud business. Additionally, the company purchased Bebop Technologies, Greene’s startup that enables enterprises to easily build and maintain cloud-based applications.

Key takeaway: Although the cloud space has become highly competitive, it’s also an extremely fast-growing and lucrative market and one that Google wants to be a part of. Greene is an early cloud computing leader and her expertise and leadership may be just what Google needs to become a leading enterprise business.

Don’t want to install that smartphone app? With Google, you may not have to – CNET, November 18

Imagine using an app without having to download it, saving you both time and space. Or better yet, what if you could browse app content as easily as browsing the web? Well, Google is working to make our lives (even) more convenient by making mobile search better through a “web of apps.” The search giant is introducing a way for users to stream apps on their phone without having to install it. How? Through Google search. Users powered by Android software will have the ability to use the search engine and retrieve the normal web results, in addition to application content from apps like Hotel Tonight. Users are enabled to open the app with a click of a button (even if the app is not installed on your smartphone). Although the streaming option has launched, it only currently offers a handful of partners, including Hotel Tonight, Weather, Chimani, Gormey, My Horoscope, Visual Anatomy Free, Useful Knots, Daily Horoscope, and New York Subway.

Key takeaway: Google’s move comes as a power play to remain the top search engine for both desktop and mobile. While it’s undoubtedly known that Google is the most successful search engine in the world, it’s not as widely used on smartphones because of the plethora of applications offered. Now, Google is making sure that they really are the only source you need to get all of your information. Once more apps are added, will you stop installing apps and solely use Google search?

Microsoft and launch Minecraft tutorial to teach kids how to code – VentureBeat, November 16

Calling all Minecraft (and future coding) lovers! Microsoft announced a new partnership with that will bring Minecraft into the world of computer coding. is a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging computer science adoption into the education curriculum, in addition to providing classes online. Minecraft maker Mojang, which was acquired by Microsoft last year, has developed a tutorial to teach children (and adults too) the basics of coding. The tool was developed in conjunction with “Hour of Code,”’s annual global campaign to educate and attract individuals to computer science. The Minecraft coding tutorial will be offered during December 7-13, in celebration of Computer Science Education Week.

Key takeaway: In this digital age, the push to integrate computing science into education curriculum continues to be a major discussion globally. The combination of gaming and education is a smart move to encourage children and young adults to learn the basic fundamentals of coding – especially when it’s one of the most popular games in the world. The tutorial aims to promote creativity, collaboration, and empowerment in a fun and engaging way— all of which would appeal to both children and adults alike.

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Brooke Bonime

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