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Summary, the leading online automobile resource, is in the fast lane to achieve $1.2 Million in savings using AppDynamics to monitor their web application performance. John Martin, Senior Director of Production Engineering, opens up about his road trip through managing application performance.  Martin’s operations team was able to reach goals and destinations that were not previously possible and turn “feelings into facts”, by using AppDynamics.

Driving a DevOps Culture

Martin’s goals as the leader of production engineering at include maintaining a collaborative DevOps culture and keeping response times below 150 milliseconds.  “Our development team is very data-driven”, said Martin, “so it is necessary that whenever an event occurs in production that the operations teams are able to feed back actual data to development.”  With AppDynamics, the operations team is able to present “facts instead of feelings” to development.

In the first year of using AppDynamics, Martin was able to quantify productivity savings of around $800k in the following ways:

  • Increased application availability from 99.91% to 99.95% – saving over $150K in lost revenue
  • Reduced Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR) by (a conservative) 45% – saving over $300K
  • Reduced time spent identifying performance defects by (a conservative) 35% – saving nearly $350K in productivity

Martin expects a further $400k savings in the second year, providing a total savings of over $1.2 million and a cool 4X ROI.

AppDynamics – The Best Fit For APM previously used a different APM solution for deep method inspections; however, “one of the reasons it didn’t pan out for us is the requirement that we tell it when an event is occurring and we needed to know more about that event,” confides Martin.  Martin’s team, dissatisfied, began exploring other options.

After comparing two solutions as viable replacements, Martin chose AppDynamics because of  the built-in intelligence feature that automatically detects when a problem occurs in the application and begins collecting relevant data.  This feature alone provides the necessary facts for operations to present and collaborate with development, facilitating the healthy DevOps culture that Martin strives for.

Martin’s choice to use AppDynamics to monitor his critical applications has saved millions of dollars–and counting. If you, like Martin and his team, find that your application performance is running on empty, try AppDynamics and see how we can do the same for you (FREE 30 day Pro trial)!

You can read the full ROI Case Study here. Or watch Martin’s video interview here.’s Return On Investment Facts:


Hannah Current

Hannah Current

Hannah Current is the Customer Marketing Manager at AppDynamics. After graduating from Santa Clara University, she joined AppDynamics in 2012. Her goal is to visit 50 countries before her 50th birthday (currently at 26 countries and counting). Reach out to her on Twitter at @HannahHaleyC