AppDynamics is now an AWS Migration and Modernization Competency Partner

November 30 2021

The AWS Migration and Modernization Competency identifies industry leaders with proven technical proficiency and customer success. That's AppDynamics.

Woman standing in a server room working on cloud migration via full-stack observability from AWS Partner AppDynamics

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Competency Program validates and promotes AWS partners with deep industry experience and expertise. The recently updated AWS Migration and Modernization Competency enables customers to easily and confidently engage highly specialized AWS Partners to help modernize their applications — either before or after they move to AWS. This program assumes the heavy lifting of identifying and validating industry leaders with proven customer success and technical proficiency in migration and application modernization tooling. I’m pleased to share that AppDynamics has achieved this important AWS designation.

Observability is critical to success throughout the cloud migration process. It enables AWS customers to understand not only the root cause but also end-to-end context around potential problems before customer issues impact the brand and bottom line. The steps needed to successfully migrate customers to AWS (or any cloud environment) are:

  1. Understand the customer’s existing applications and the architecture and dependencies that surround them.
  2. Know their premigration baseline performance and key business KPIs.
  3. Migrate their data and metrics to the cloud.
  4. Validate success by monitoring post-migration performance and business KPIs.
  5. Scale, measure and optimize for future cost and performance.

Several key factors set AppDynamics apart:

  • AppDynamics allows you to identify your application’s behavior before, during and after cloud migration.
  • AppDynamics auto-discovers every component within your application, as well as third-party calls and business transaction flows. This visibility provides a granular view of how your application interacts with other applications and end users.
  • AppDynamics automatically baselines every metric collected, enabling you to diagnose and troubleshoot problems associated with your application code in cloud, on prem and hybrid environments.
  • AppDynamics’ anomaly detection automatically provides alerts to any and all anomalies related to our business transactions and when performance issues cause baseline metrics to deviate from normal.
  • AppDynamics’ industry-leading Business Observability Platform allows you to correlate observability data with user experience insights and key business transactions.
  • AppDynamics is the core component of Cisco’s full-stack observability solution, which moves beyond domain monitoring to provide full visibility into your entire technology stack, transforming siloed data into actionable insights with shared context for IT teams.

“This combination of leading full-stack observability with business context and the AWS Migration and Modernization Competency means that AppDynamics is in a unique position to help customers plan with accuracy, migrate with confidence, spot issues immediately and expedite root cause analysis across hybrid cloud architectures,” said AppDynamics General Manager Linda Tong. “With AWS monitoring solutions like Amazon Cloudwatch and AWS X-Ray paired with AppDynamics, customers can not only migrate faster and more successfully, but they can observe what matters most in their cloud native and hybrid architectures while delivering world-class digital experiences for their users.”

>>> Learn how we can accelerate your success with AWS migration and modernization. Check out our e-books 6 ways to accelerate migration to AWS and 3 critical monitoring tools for hybrid cloud applications. And when you’re ready to get started, purchase AppDynamics easily in AWS Marketplace.

Kiran Elengickal
Kiran Elengickal leads the Global Cloud Strategic Alliances team at AppDynamics, putting 20 years of diverse technology experience leading teams across strategy, alliances, projects, marketing and sales to use managing cloud service providers (CSPs) like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Red Hat. He started his career as a SAP functional consultant and moved on to a media house as a marketing strategist working with corporations like Unilever, the Tata group, AOL and Texas Instruments. He then switched back to the IT side of the house, managing engagements for products like eBay, Facebook, Fiserv, Verizon and LinkedIn. For the past 10-plus years, he has focused on strategy and growth, including identifying potential go-to-market (GTM) partners and joint value unlocks.

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