Expanded SaaS coverage delivers full-stack observability at a global scale

April 21 2021

AppDynamics expands SaaS offerings with new strategic locations to increase flexibility of cloud deployments, accelerate digital transformation, and eliminate concerns related to regional data residency regulations.

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Speed may be the most crucial differentiator in business today. How fast you react to changes in technology and in the market can make or break your path to success. The last year has been incredibly challenging for businesses ramping up their operations around the world: In addition to responding to a global health crisis that catalyzed a massive shift to remote work, technologists also grappled with an increased demand for digital services. Understandably, in the face of such dramatic change, the most successful teams sought out SaaS solutions that would help them rapidly respond and adapt to these new demands. 

There are several key takeaways for IT teams as they continue to respond and adapt to this new pace of business. First and foremost, it’s now clear that cloud services are critical to business resilience and growth. Cloud-based services give organizations the ability to cut down on operating costs and rapidly respond to new changes and demands in the market. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that almost 70 percent of organizations using cloud services today plan to increase their cloud spend in the wake of the disruption caused by COVID-19. 

IT teams need solutions that support their business continuity, innovation and growth in the context of today’s shape-shifting environment. SaaS-based full-stack observability solutions are a key component to help enterprises adjust to the rapid changes and demands of the market.

AppDynamics takes global SaaS to the next level

It’s clear to global enterprises that the world is changing quickly, and SaaS-based solutions are integral along their path to future business growth. In response, AppDynamics is excited to announce the expansion of its SaaS offering through five strategic global locations. By providing businesses with full-stack observability into the performance of the entire application environment, we are enabling faster, more reliable access to the AppDynamics Business Observability platform worldwide. 

SaaS locations AppDynamics

AppDynamics current and future SaaS locations worldwide

With new and future locations in Cape Town (South Africa), Hong Kong (China), London (England), São Paulo (Brazil) and Singapore, our SaaS offering will provide regional customers and partners with access to full-stack observability solutions that are secure, scalable and adhere to their local data residency regulations, enabling companies to deliver a superior digital experience.

The new SaaS capabilities from AppDynamics enable IT leaders to leverage unmatched observability, helping them:

  • Innovate and scale faster, with a lower total cost of ownership. Your ability to swiftly respond to changes in the market is a competitive advantage. With AppDynamics, you’ll benefit from a SaaS platform that allows you to quickly scale to meet the rapidly changing demands of the digital world while ensuring a world-class customer experience.


  • Ensure compliance with data residency requirements around the world. AppDynamics SaaS has been optimized to reflect industry best practices for data protection that spans strategically selected points of presence across the world to support your specific data residency needs.


  • Maintain business resilience, optimal performance and ensure continuous availability. AppDynamics delivers continuous availability to the full-stack observability solutions you rely on, so you can focus your expertise on creating superior experiences that your customers and business rely on.


These locations are additional to our already industry-leading SaaS coverage, which was recognized as a Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant Leader for the 9th time, along with our best-in-class offerings in business analytics and a strong portfolio to support full-stack observability. 

Learn more about AppDynamics SaaS or check out our most frequently asked questions around our new locations.

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