Creating an AIOps ecosystem to help enterprises automate digital experiences

June 04 2019

Cisco and AppDynamics launch new Integration Partner Program to provide extended cross-domain visibility, business insights, and automation across a broad ecosystem of technologies.

aiops ecosystem

At AppDynamics, we’re committed to helping you along your AIOps journey by providing a platform that derives real-time insights, triggers self-healing actions, and automates operations. We can’t do it alone. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce the AppDynamics Integration Partner Program (IPP), a carefully curated ecosystem focused on accelerating your business by providing customers with the user experiences they expect and deserve.

The Integration Partner Program accelerates customer adoption of AIOps to empower IT teams to proactively manage performance challenges in real-time, before issues impact end users.

The technology providers we’re partnering with, like Turbonomic, PagerDuty, and Harness, will play a key role with AppDynamics and Cisco in delivering AIOps capabilities to our customers.

“The AppDynamics Integration Partner Program enables our joint customers to maximize the value of their investments in Application Resource Management and Application Performance Management,” said Tom Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer at Turbonomic. “When integrated, the complementary solutions deliver a proven and trusted approach to assuring application response time. We’re excited to extend our partnership with AppDynamics and enable customers to achieve their AIOps strategies.”

“The partnership between PagerDuty and AppDynamics brings intelligent, real-time action to help customers on their digital transformation journey,” said Jukka Alanen, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Strategy, PagerDuty. ”Organizations can take smarter action faster by integrating AppDynamics insights with PagerDuty’s platform for real-time operations management. This enables them to deliver high-quality digital experiences, prevent business disruption, and increase operational effectiveness.”

“Together, AppDynamics and Harness are committed to helping enterprises develop and run high quality applications at velocity by building a rapidly deployed continuous delivery pipeline using machine learning and intelligent automation,” said Rishi Singh, Co-founder and CTO, Harness. “We’re excited about this integration partnership and look forward to enabling enterprises to provide the best possible user experiences and support AIOps adoption.”

Additional inaugural partners include Apica, Atlassian Opsgenie, BigPanda, Evolven, Moogsoft, Virtual Instruments and xMatters. These vendors support the “Visibility” and “Action” pillars of our Central Nervous System (CNS) vision for delivering the broadest coverage and greatest impact across customers’ complex, distributed environments.

So how does this come to life?  Here are a couple of use cases that demonstrate the value to our customers and their technology teams:

  • Together, Evolven and AppDynamics present configuration management data and highlight what changed, who changed it, and the details behind potential configuration change issues so customers can understand the cascading impact even the smallest change could have on the user experience.
  • Turbonomic extends the visibility and insights provided by AppDynamics and dynamically optimizes performance in real-time to ensure customers’ applications are precisely resourced during peak times.


Our goal is to enable an end-to-end technology architecture that gives customers the flexibility to broaden their reach into and across the IT landscape. Time series and event data are ingested, cross domain insights are created, and automatic remediation happens. This builds a self-healing and self-learning system that frees people from mundane tasks so they can focus on what matters most — innovation.

Working with our Integration Program Partners, we provide enterprises with:

  • Visibility across the entire IT landscape throughout the customer journey — from infrastructure through application to the end user experience — highlighting any potential impact to users so remediation action can be taken.
  • AIOps driven cross-domain capabilities that continually evolve insights to detect anomalies, automate root cause analysis, and predict future performance.
  • IT and cloud automation for the best user experience by rapidly fixing performance issues or even proactively optimizing cloud infrastructure resources.  


Jobvite is already enjoying the benefits of this AIOps ecosystem.

“Jobvite is a leader in talent acquisition innovation, helping companies engage candidates with meaningful experiences at the right time,” said Jobvite’s Chief Architect, Ron Teeter. “Because we leverage automation and intelligence to increase the speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness of talent acquisition, the Jobvite platform is essential to our clients. By leveraging AppDynamics and Harness, we’re able to optimize the performance and availability of our services and deliver meaningful outcomes to our customers every day.”

Over the coming months, we will bring new partners onboard that align to our CNS vision. I look forward to sharing more as the program evolves.   

In the meantime, learn from Gartner’s AIOps report why – and how – the AIOps approach delivers improved business outcomes

Thomas Wyatt
Thomas Wyatt is Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer of AppDynamics with the mandate to fuel the growth engine of the company. Thomas leads marketing, commercialization and growth initiatives, business development (M&A), strategic partnerships, and corporate and technology strategy. Previously, Thomas was the Vice President/General Manager of Cisco's Cloud Analytics Business Unit, leading the company's expansion into application intelligence and sponsoring its $3.7B acquisition of AppDynamics. This group is now part of AppDynamics. During his career at Cisco, Thomas has taken start-ups from concept to #1 market share, scaled high growth ventures to $1B+ in revenue, and executed the cloud transformation for a multi-billion dollar portfolio. Thomas has been the General Manager for a range of businesses spanning analytics, cloud infrastructure, collaboration, and video. Thomas serves as a board advisor and angel investor for promising young tech companies. He is an honors graduate with a B.S. in Finance and in Managing Information Technology from Syracuse University, and completed the Executive Development Program at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

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