AppDynamics – Our Next 10 Years

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Where is AppDynamics going? What is the future of AppDynamics? (Product + People)

Recently, the employees of AppDynamics celebrated our 10th anniversary as a company, as well as the 1st anniversary of our acquisition by Cisco. We’ve experienced so much growth and so many positive changes over this past year, it’s enough to make our heads spin! However, it’s safe to say that AppDynamics isn’t close to slowing down.  

How is it possible to keep up such momentum, you might ask? In a world of ever-changing technology, the consumer is in the driver’s seat. Companies must be able to move fast and adapt to this constant digital transformation. AppDynamics will continue to do just that.

Industry Leading Products

For six straight years AppDynamics has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and as leaders, we must continue to set the precedent. But at times, it gets hard to distinguish one APM vendor from another. One of the simplest metaphors that was ever shared with me during my time here was by a Field Sales Engineer. They told me, “Anyone can hand you an umbrella when it’s raining, but AppDynamics can predict the clouds rolling in over the horizon.”

Acquisitions and Partnerships

The acquisition of Perspica was just the beginning. With Cisco at the helm, and AI on everyone’s tongue, AppDynamics will continue to invest heavily in items that will aid in compatibility and integration. Additionally, as cloud migration explodes, and Amazon achieves their goal of world domination, our strong partnership with them as the only APM vendor on the AWS Marketplace will continue to be our differentiator.

The Humans of AppD

Our biggest concern after the Cisco acquisition was how it would affect our culture. Us AppDynamos have always prided ourselves on the way we operate as a team. I’m happy to report that it’s business as usual, post-acquisition. It’s exciting to note that one of our most important initiatives moving forward is our AppD Cares volunteer organization. As we lean into Cisco’s reach, it’s clear that we align well with the Cisco Citizen program. It’s incredible to see the desire we all have as a company to help our local communities, as well as those in need across the globe.

AppDynamics Around the World

AppDynamics may only have 15 offices globally at the moment, but it would be no surprise if we began slowly integrating into the 380 offices that Cisco has to offer! Because of Cisco’s reach in 165 different countries, it gives AppDynamics the legroom to expand into new markets around the world. While North America and Europe have been our major target markets so far, the onboarding of new employees for APAC and South America is flowing!

With all this being said, I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t predict exactly where AppDynamics will be ten years from now, but I can say that it feels amazing to be part of the journey. It’s imperative that APM remains a crucial part of how companies approach their digital transformation, and it’s clear that AppDynamics will reign supreme in the APM space for years to come. Each and every day is so rewarding to have a glimpse into how our customers utilize the tools we provide — and for them to see the clouds rolling in and have no fear of the coming storms.

Jamelyn Griffith

Jamelyn Griffith

Jamelyn Griffith is a Customer Success Representative at AppDynamics, as well as the Team Lead for the Dallas Chapter of AppD Cares. As a renewals specialist, she is responsible for keeping up with the pulse of her customers throughout the East and Federal teams, as well as keeping retention rates high. Jamelyn has 12 years of World Class Customer Service and Account Management experience through her previous positions, mainly within the Commercial Graphics Industry.