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AppDynamics started its “Women In Technology” community group about two years ago, on a sunny and warm July afternoon. After a couple months of informal conversations, we decided this was an effort we needed to focus on as a company, and set up our first official meeting. For the first couple of months, we discussed what types of goals we wanted to set as a team, what types of initiatives we would focus on, and what kind of budget we would propose. Once we had our mission statement and goals drawn out, we held our very first Women In Technology Tea Party (a now quarterly meeting) to gather feedback from our women in tech.

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Over time, the group grew and gained momentum. We started getting speakers for our meetings and found a very positive reaction from the community. As an employee resource group promoting inclusion, we offer the WiT events to all AppDynamics employees and have recently started to pick up traction amongst our Male Allies in addition to our female employees. Topics such as “How to Negotiate” and “Promoting yourself for a Promotion” are attractive career enrichment opportunities for both male and female employees.

In addition to inviting guest speakers to our office, we also made a conscious effort to provide employees with career development and networking opportunities. AppDynamics attended the Grace Hopper Conference for the first time this previous October in Phoenix, Arizona. Applications to attend the event were open to the entire company, and one simple question was asked: Why do you want to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration on behalf of AppDynamics? Originally, we had decided to send four AppDynamos to the conference, but after an overwhelming 48 applications, we decided to select the top seven people to attend (four women and three men). Overall, the event was a huge success! Software Engineer Jing Hou said she was very “grateful to have the opportunity to connect with so many talented, smart and inspiring “Systers” in the computing world.” Andy Buteau, Director of Engineering, said “For me GHC was a chance to learn how to improve the lives of women in technology, make available new opportunities for young women to pursue careers in technology, and improve the diversity of our teams by hiring and promoting more women. More specifically, I learned the role I play as a male ally in the fight for gender equality.“

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As we look to the future, we look at how we can take the impact of these events home with us and share them with everyone at the company. While our diversity numbers are still growing, there is always room for improvement. Since we started this community at AppDynamics, our numbers have grown by over 250%. It is an amazing and exciting opportunity to come together and see all the smiling new faces, but work still needs to be done. We hope that our diversity numbers continue rise as the programs we offer and our engagement within the community also evolves and grows!

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