Defining My Legacy at AppDynamics

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Adam Marshall recaps his week at the Global Sales Experience conference, sharing his learnings and how he will be defining his legacy at AppDynamics. Read more below.

Taking off from McCarran International Airport, leaving behind GSX 2018, it hit me — this is why I chose AppDynamics. In a single week, I was given the opportunity to not only enjoy a change of scenery (albeit weather-wise, not far from Texas’ climate) but the opportunity to connect and learn with my colleagues from across the globe. The annual conference brings ~20,000 sales team members together for three days for one of the largest events in the industry, known as Cisco’s Global Sales Experience, or GSX.

In my short time at AppDynamics, I’ve been able to travel the country meeting with colleagues and customers alike, allowing me to experience real-world use cases of our customers and to see firsthand how we’re helping fuel the digital revolution. My experience at GSX in Las Vegas was no different. After one of the presentations, I ran into a teammate of mine who is based in Tokyo. We first met in our AppD Boot Camp session last year, which is the onboarding training program all new sales hires attend, out of our headquarters office in San Francisco. We got to talking about our current roles, and the tremendous growth we’ve seen in the year since we joined, but what we both marveled at was the sheer stability and consistency that has come with the rapid growth. This was one of many GSX encounters, the sum of which left me assured that the best is yet to come in my career here, as well as with our overall solution.

While GSX highlighted the immense success we’ve achieved in the past year, the biggest takeaway for me was meeting the many new faces here at AppDynamics. And with new faces came new presentations that consistently had the entire room roaring in applause.

A common theme across the presentations was legacy, as in, how are you going to cement your legacy at AppDynamics? It’s a powerful question that we’ve all asked ourselves at various stages of our lives, and hearing it at GSX encouraged me to reflect on how I am currently building my legacy.

As a recent college graduate, it’s easy for me to fall down the rabbit hole of thinking that I’m too young to make an impactful contribution — that my legacy hasn’t started yet. GSX afforded us the opportunity to learn and grow together as a team, and reminded us that we were all brought on board for a reason. Coming out of the week, I left inspired not to take that reason for granted — but to celebrate and recognize it — and re-energized to embark on another successful year.

The beauty of an event like GSX that brings the AppDynamics Sales team together, is that its goodness goes far beyond the practicality of aligning and training — it reminds you that we’re invested in, trained, and enabled to collaborate. It connects you with the people that, like you, wake up every day to continue to push this boulder up the mountain. And, it motivates me to continue pushing forward — even when it’s hard, and your arms are heavy and tired — because I didn’t join AppDynamics to just be challenged, to just do well. I joined AppDynamics because I wanted to be on board a rocket ship.

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Adam Marshall

Adam Marshall

After graduating from Indiana University, Adam joined the AppDynamics team in 2017. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas. When he’s not at work, he enjoys aimlessly scrolling through Netflix only to then choose an episode of The Office.