How to do Business When ‘Business as Usual’ is on Hold

We can all acknowledge that things are crazy right now. It won’t be like this forever, but for the immediate future “business as usual” is not a thing. Though this means we’re experiencing a number of changes, one of the common concerns I’ve heard has to do with how to reach out and talk to […]


Navigating the New Normal: How Technology Is Helping Us Move Forward

What a difference a week, a day, and sometimes even hours makes in the world we are currently living in. It’s a strange time for all of us — as humans, parents, caregivers, first responders, educators, business owners. Nobody is left untouched by this new “normal.” For me, that means adjusting to working from home, […]


Our commitment to customers during the COVID-19 crisis

Dear Customers and Partners,   During this unprecedented and difficult time, AppDynamics is committed to providing you with the highest quality service and support while also protecting the health and safety of your and our teams, partners, and extended communities. We recognize that your applications and your ability to conduct digital business are more critical […]

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How the Cisco-AppDynamics Partnership Delivers Optimal Solutions to the SAP Ecosystem

This quarter marks two years since AppDynamics began delivering code-level SAP visibility, real-user business transaction performance monitoring, and overall Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) stack health. For enterprises running SAP, our solution significantly improves service quality, reduces costs, and enhances speed and end user experiences.   Additionally, AppDynamics is celebrating three years of being an integral […]

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The Road Ahead: How the AppDynamics Partner Ecosystem Is Delivering Value and Driving Results for the Enterprise

We want to make our customers incredibly successful. That’s why, in June 2019, we launched the Integration Partner Program (IPP) alongside other leading technology companies. With IPP, our customers have a direct impact on the solutions we build and how we solve key challenges facing the enterprise today. IPP has played a pivotal role in […]


Top 25 Leaders Transforming the IT Space

The future is not optional. Today, digital experiences move fast — and so do your customers. You’ve got just seconds to delight them and deliver value, or risk losing them forever. That’s why it’s not surprising that IT leaders are increasingly preoccupied with just one thing in 2020: Delivering world-class customer experiences reliably, in real-time, […]

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AppDynamics and Cisco Intersight Empower IT to Deliver World Class Experience-Driven Applications

The digital world is changing the way IT teams function. Gone are the days of merely managing uptime — today, IT is a strategic partner to the business, tasked with managing application performance, security, and the allocation of the right infrastructure resources. Adding a layer of complexity, however, is that applications no longer just support […]

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Experience Journey Map Spotlights the User Journey in Web and Mobile Business Applications

At Cisco Live 2020, Barcelona we’re excited to unveil Experience Journey Map, a powerful new feature from AppDynamics that provides a performance lens to users’ most-traveled web and mobile journeys in your business applications, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of app performance across every step of the customer experience. Experience Journey Map, currently […]

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How to Deliver Superior and Award-Winning Guest Service in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

As a recent study shows, buying decisions and customer loyalty are increasingly determined by the quality and performance of the digital services a brand can deliver: 54% of consumers place higher value on digital interactions than they place on physical interactions with brands. With its reputation for exceptional customer satisfaction and service, Alaska Airlines understands […]

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.NET Core 3.0 and the Rise of Azure in the Multicloud World

Microsoft Azure debuted in 2010 as the company’s answer to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the public cloud platform that launched four years earlier to provide online services for websites and client-side applications. By using these services in their applications, developers could gain a more efficient development process and build complex apps without having to reinvent […]