AppDynamics gains Velocity

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AppDynamics had a great time last week at Velocity; it was probably the most relevant event we’ll attend this year. Great Keynotes, sessions and an audience that truly understood the significance of application performance. At our booth, it was refreshing to hear questions around monitoring application performance in the cloud (specifically EC2), as well as for new web technologies like NoSQL (Cassandra/MongoDB/etc). Many attendees were considering or are already in the process of moving their apps to the cloud, and it’s good to see Application Performance Management (APM) was a key topic on their agenda.

It wasn’t all good news, though. We had too many conversations with attendees that had already invested in several first generation APM solutions and weren’t getting the results they wanted. The same vendor names came up with the same limitations that were making it near impossible for attendees to monitor application performance in production environments. “It’s a lot of effort,” “too much overhead,” and “it doesn’t give us the visibility we need” were common responses when asked.

It gave us a great opportunity to demonstrate how our APM technology is changing the game. Many attendees were simply amazed at how easy it was to dynamically map an application environment, discover, and follow the execution of a business transactions through a distributed environment, jumping through call stacks in context to isolate and rapidly find bottlenecks. All this in production, with minimal overhead, and configuration. Oh, and the attendees liked our pricing—and the fact that we clearly display it on our website. “Sounds too good to be true,” was a frequent comment—to which we replied, “That’s why we have a free Lite edition so people can download it and find out for themselves.”

We even had several attendees fill out our 30 day trial for Pro edition whilst they were at our booth! An unexpected quote came from a PHP developer who said “I wish my application was written in Java after seeing your product.”  Not only is AppDynamics changing the APM game—its actually converting developers to Java!

We’ll be back at Velocity next year, big thanks to O’Reilly for putting on a great show!