AppDynamics Lite: Free Just Got Even Better

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A new version of AppDynamics Lite is available for download. One thing that makes AppDynamics unique is our 10-30 promise.  Users should be able to self-install Lite in 10 minutes and start getting value in 30.  We do this by auto-discovering your application dependencies and automatically instrumenting the app, with no manual code changes.

We’ve had more than 20,000 users download Lite and some have requested additional platform support. Thus, to achieve 10:30 for the majority of users, we’ve broadened our platform support to ensure more application architectures are discovered out-of-the-box.

The complete list of supported environments for AppDynamics Lite can now be found here.

A few highlights:

  • Supported Infrastructure: Solr, Resin, and Webmethods
  • Supported Stacks for Business Transaction detection: JSF, Tapestry and Wicket
  • Messaging: Tibco RV, Oracle AQ, and Webmethods Glue are automatically correlated and monitored
  • JDBC Backends: Sybase, Informix and Derby are now auto-discovered and monitored

If these components are used in your application architecture, we recommend you download the new version of Lite and see what it can do.  Try it today!

We’d like your feedback, so post any comments/questions in our Lite Forums.   If we are lacking support for a platform you require, please let us know.

For those interested in knowing how the Lite edition compares to our Pro edition, please click here.