AppDynamics Secures $20 Million in Series C Funding Led by Kleiner Perkins

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When I joined AppDynamics less than a year ago, we were situated in a 6,000 sq ft “cozy” office on 2nd and Brannan. On my first day I was greeted with a MacBook Pro and was asked to find a spare desk amongst the boxes and carnage of a typical startup environment. To my left was a relentless engineering and UI team, and to my right was a fired up sales and marketing team, and a quietly confident Founder and CEO, Jyoti Bansal who made all of this happen. Across the office was a shiny gold bell mounted on the wall, which rang every time AppDynamics closed a new customer. In the last year I can honestly say that shiny bell hasn’t stopped ringing, and is the biggest adrenaline boost one can get while working.

Today, we just secured an additional $20 million funding led by Kleiner Perkins, have a brand new 13,500 sq ft “state of the art” office on 2nd and Folsom, 20 open head counts listed on our careers page, and we are re-defining the way customers manage application performance. Our Freemium and SaaS deployment models mean that prospects can evaluate our application monitoring technology in minutes without speaking to a single sales rep. In a competitive marketplace with over 35 vendors like CA Wily, Compuware DynaTrace, HP and IBM, our frictionless buying experience is a huge advantage and differentiator. Our ability to make application monitoring simple to deploy, and easy to use, for highly agile, distributed and virtual applications, makes us very difficult to compete with, and that’s before we get to our pricing – which is at least 50% less than all of the names mentioned above.

We’re making application monitoring accessible and affordable for everyone, because application performance doesn’t just impact large enterprises, it impacts organizations of all sizes. We have customers with 2, 20, 200 and 2000+ nodes in their applications. Rest assured, our mission is for prospects to understand the value of APM in less than 30 minutes by downloading AppDynamics Lite or by taking an online trial of AppDynamics Pro. We’re seeing enormous traction and positive feedback from prospects on this evaluation and buying experience; it’s validation that the days of traditional enterprise software is over. No prospect wants to spend two weeks filling in POC questionnaires, and trying to install complex, bloated application monitoring software while spending hours with technical consultants and account managers onsite. APM should be about what software can do, not what professional services can deliver.

At AppDynamics we’ve got big plans for 2012 with an aggressive and innovative product roadmap. Today’s additional funding will accelerate our growth plans and help us execute, so we can become a global force in application performance management (APM). We’ll be raising the bar for APM so customers can manage application performance all by themselves – the days of manual installations, burdensome configuration and unintuitive user interfaces will be over. There’s a new generation of applications which need managing and AppDynamics is leading the charge.

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