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Welcome to the Dynamic Digest, a weekly recap of the latest news happening in our industry. Want the pulse of what’s going on in enterprise software and analytics, performance management, cloud computing, data, and other like topics? We got you covered!

This week in the world of technology, NYC schools offer computer science to students, Salesforce jumps on the IoT bandwagon, and Tencent becomes a major competitor in cloud computing.

The FBI warns citizens to beware of cybercrime and the Internet of things – Fortune, September 16

The Federal Bureau Investigation released a Public Service Announcement (PSA) last week, warning the country of the potential security risks of IoT connected devices. With the development of IoT, almost every device and appliance we own (fridge, thermostat, wearables, car, etc.) will be connected to one another. While smart devices and houses will improve the standard of living, the possible threat of hackers accessing this increased amount of personal information heightens.

Key takeaway: Safety and security are mandatory for IoT to succeed. It is important for the FBI to alert and prepare citizens for these threats, but the enforcement should be towards the companies producing these IoT devices and systems. These companies must take security seriously if they hope to see IoT advance while ensuring the safety of customer data.

Tencent’s $1.6B plan to take on Alibaba, Amazon in cloud – CNBC, September 16

Move over Alibaba, Amazon, and Microsoft—there is a new kid in town. Tencent, the Chinese Internet company, aims to invest $1.57 billion (10 billion yuan) in its cloud-computing technology over the next few years in an attempt to become a major player in the rapidly growing cloud industry. The funds will go towards multiple departments, including infrastructure, operations, hiring talent, and marketing.

Key takeaway: This investment proves Tencent’s determination to become a leader within the cloud computing world. Next year alone, the company will invest 2 billion yuan to build data centers in Asia and North America. Already one of China’s largest Internet companies, Tencent will be competing with tech giants, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. With so many tech companies hoping to expand into global platforms, it will be interesting to see how Tencent fares.

De Blasio to Announce 10-Year Deadline to Offer Computer Science to All Students – The New York Times, September 15

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made a major announcement this week in regards to technology. In an effort to provide children with the necessary education and skills to succeed in the developing world of technology, every public school in the city will be required to offer computer science to all students within the next 10 years. The biggest challenge? Training and finding qualified teachers.

Key takeaway: Incorporating this type of curriculum in schools will be challenging but will help future generations immensely, both academically and professionally. This is a major effort to close the increasing gap in math and science for U.S. students compared to the rest of the world. In a technology-driven world, education in computer science will provide students an opportunity to gain further knowledge and succeed.

Companies Fast Track Hiring – The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal, September 16

What does Chipotle Mexican Grill and AppDynamics have in common? Speed dating.

Well, sort of. The chain restaurant and application performance software company both offer very unique and fast hiring processes, for applicants of all levels. Last week, Chipotle hired 4,000 entry-level employees in a single day and AppDynamics is known to make a decision within a week. On average, it takes about 29 days for an individual to land a job in the United States. However, the truth is if you are a great candidate, the quicker you are to get snatched up. Companies who extend their hiring process, risk attaining the cream of the crop.

Key takeaway: Some recruiting experts advise that an accelerated hiring process could result in a future mistake or regret. However, technology and media companies adopting this approach continue to prove its success. At the end of the day, it’s about investing in the process and trusting each step.

Salesforce Announces New Internet of Things Cloud, As Dreamforce Opens – TechCrunch, September 15

Salesforce’s annual customer conference, Dreamforce, kicked off this week in San Francisco with a bang (not surprising). The company announced its new Internet of Things Cloud, a platform designed to gather and interpret real-time data streaming from IoT devices, applications, and websites. This IoT Cloud, powered by the company’s Thunder platform, is designed to monitor large amounts of data transferred by connected devices. Salesforce hopes this new proactive approach will help businesses trace the movement of data to gain better insight into the requirements and immediate needs of its customers.

Key takeaway: The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be a hot topic in the world of technology, as both small and large companies are jumping on the trend and creating IoT services and systems. The goal of IoT is to create a better customer experience, but the challenge will be processing all of this big data— a struggle many companies are currently experiencing. While many are predicting that IoT will be a real thing in the near future, the real success lies in the actual technical and processing performance. Only time, money, and technology will determine what the future of IoT holds.

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Brooke Bonime

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