2001: A Download Odyssey

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Over the past few days, we’ve shot past 2001 downloads of our free java performance tool, AppDynamics Lite. What does that mean? Well, first and foremost, it’s an excuse to post a picture of the monolith from the movie 2001:Equally as important, perhaps, is that the milestone of 2K downloads in only a matter of weeks indicates just how much the market wanted a tool like AppDynamics Lite. We’re finding that our users are resonating with its simple message: “the first java performance tool designed for production.” There are profilers aplenty, but until now there’s been nothing that can work in production–digging down into code-level details–without creating excessive overhead.Who are these users? They represent quite a range. We’ve seen Fortune 500 companies, up-and-coming SaaS shops, mid-sized companies, students, consultants…and, of course, our competitors. We’re continuing to refine and improve the tool based on user feedback in our forums, so it’s worth noting that the version of AppDynamics Lite now available for download is a new version. It includes an improved ability to take diagnostic snapshots of performance problems, as well as a feature that alerts the user when new updates and fixes are available.AppDynamics Lite will always run in tandem with our commercial product. It will never carry a price tag, and we will continue to update and refine it. It’s a great way to introduce new users to the way we see the world of application performance management.Download the new version of AppDynamics Lite here.