AppDynamics selects AppDynamics to monitor

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AppDynamics announced that it had selected AppDynamics to monitor the performance of its web site,

Today we announced a great milestone at AppDynamics: We have selected an application performance management (APM) solution to monitor our Drupal/WordPress website, and we decided to go with AppDynamics. In order to get a pretty sweet discount on the product we agreed to sell our souls and do a press release AND a video testimonial. Here are both of those (totally serious) marketing assets. Enjoy.

AppDynamics Selects AppDynamics to Monitor

Leading APM Company Chooses Leading APM Company to Ensure Performance of Company Web Site

Today AppDynamics announced that it selected AppDynamics to monitor the performance of its web site, The company’s marketing team evaluated multiple potential vendors but chose AppDynamics due to its unmatched ability to identify bottlenecks and resolve problems in production web sites.

Chris Tiwald, Technical Operations Engineer at Conductor who uses AppDynamics, commented, “I don’t understand why the marketing team at AppDynamics didn’t talk to me for this press release. I’m an actual customer who loves AppDynamics, and I would have been happy to share that we’ve seen amazing uptime, performance gains, and ability to correct critical web site problems fast using their easy-to-use and deploy solution. But if they want to do the press release by themselves, whatever, I’m fine with that, I guess.”

The AppDynamics marketing team selected based on its ability to gain 100% visibility when monitoring their PHP environment, its rapid troubleshooting capability, and the solution’s overall ease of use.

“The web site drives a majority of the leads that ultimately become revenue for the company, and therefore it’s critical that we find and fix web site issues in record time,” said Greg Howard, Sr. Director of Marketing at AppDynamics. “We’ve found that AppDynamics for PHP does exactly that. Another plus was its simplicity and lack of required configuration—after all, I was a liberal arts major and I need my APM tool to be simple.”

“We evaluated other PHP solutions and found that they were hard to use, worked poorly in production, and had terrible looking dashboards,” said Stephen Burton, Director of Product Marketing and Technology Evangelism for AppDynamics. “Only AppDynamics met the requirements of the AppDynamics marketing team. And I play poker with the sales guy, so that was a plus.”

“If our solution is good enough for the likes of Netflix, Priceline, TiVo, AMICA Insurance,, StubHub, Staples, Insight Technologies, and Cornell University, it ought to be good enough for AppDynamics. Therefore, I’m pleased that the AppDynamics marketing team selected AppDynamics to monitor,” said Jyoti Bansal, Founder and CEO of AppDynamics. “As we continue to disrupt the market with our application management solution designed for production environments, we’re seeing companies flock to our new approach and throw out legacy vendors that are overly complex, expensive, and ill-suited for today’s highly distributed applications. Furthermore, this validates that the people I hire have very good taste.”

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