Improved Database Support Enhances Data Visibility and Helps Resolve Problems Faster

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Monitor performance and get the insights you need to take action with the latest updates to our Database Visibility functionality.

Total visibility is crucial to monitoring the database environments that support your most critical applications. That’s why AppDynamics recently released a number of updates to our Database Visibility functionality. Not only do we now support monitoring Couchbase, but we also added snapshot correlation, support for custom cluster configuration, and enhancements to our ability to collect and track custom database metrics. These updates provide even more ways for you to get the insights you need to take action.

Couchbase DB Support

NoSQL databases can be a critical component when developing modern applications that need to deliver simple, high performance data transactions to provide the best possible customer experience. AppDynamics has added support for Couchbase DB in an effort to provide comprehensive monitoring for the entire life of a business transaction including at the database level. You can use AppDynamics Database Visibility to remotely monitor your Couchbase clusters, without any component or code modifications. Monitor N1QL queries on all database activity and review historical time-series graphs of time spent in Couchbase (supplemented by underlying database-specific metrics) to proactively identify and resolve performance issues.

Snapshot Correlation

Sometimes it can be difficult to see how database performance is affecting your overall business transactions. With snapshot correlation, we can match and tag business transactions and snapshot identifiers to database visibility data to provide a better integration across your entire solution. The new Database Queries tab on the Business Transaction dashboard displays correlated queries and database data directly in your APM Dashboard for a more comprehensive dataset.

Custom Cluster Support

Database clustering technology is not implemented consistently across all database platforms. This can make it difficult to monitor an Oracle RAC cluster in the same way that you monitor a sharded MySQL database. We now provide enhanced support for database clusters, including Master/Slave technologies and sharded architectures. You can define a single collector configuration to monitor multiple database instances and treat them like one entity, allowing for a better visualization within the UI.

Custom Query Metric Enhancements

At AppDynamics, we believe your data should work for you instead of the other way around. To that end, we have introduced some improvements to the way we handle custom queries and metrics for Database Visibility. You can now scale your custom queries for deeper insight into your database with several new features, like scheduling and bulk add activities. Using the new Custom Metrics tab in the Dashboard view, you’ll see data trends faster without having to create custom dashboards. Test custom queries before creating them, saving you time debugging errors later. These are just a few of the recent additions!

How to Get Started

If you want to start using these new features, be sure to upgrade your Database Agents to 4.4.4+ and upgrade your controller software to 4.5+. If you are not yet using Database Visibility to monitor your databases you can get started by reading our documentation.

Visit our product updates page to stay informed on all our recent product developments.

Aaron Newcomb

Aaron Newcomb

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