How Analytics turns APM into an insightful goldmine

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It should be no surprise to most of you that software is no longer a tool. In today’s application-centric world, software is the business.  It is the key difference maker between a good and great company. Modern day banks, retailers, automobile manufacturers, media companies all are scrambling to transform into a software-defined business.

In the trenches, as application complexity rises, companies are throwing a ton of resources (time and money) to monitor and support. A recent survey done by EMA, of over 302 IT professionals suggested that the majority of companies are trying to manage applications using 10+ siloed tools with limited integration. This leads to poor end-user experience, reactive performance management, long MTTR, and investments to manage the tools. 

If you are an AppDynamics APM user, you are fighting and winning this war with the industry-first application centric Unified Monitoring solution that traces and monitors transactions from the end-user through the entire application and infrastructure environment to quickly and proactively solve performance issues and ensure excellent user experience.

Challenges come when IT and DevOps need to understand business and software performance correlation in real-time. Often business and IT  have different goals, different languages, and different tools. In the real world, delivering great customer experience means understanding changing usage patterns, ensuring zero downtime during holiday season equates to staying ahead of performance problems and finally reducing churn rates means releasing new features faster.

Digging for Gold

Modern day complex applications generate tremendous amounts of data. This data is indeed the goldmine. However, extracting the gold from this mine is dependent on how well IT understands and correlates the business and application performance in real-time. Raw data extracted from different sources comes in different formats spanned across several silos.

Business data:

  • Understand and quantify revenue
  • Customer growth
  • Loyalty tiers

Marketing data:

  • Conversions
  • Campaign performance
  • User preferences

Finally operations data:

  • Browser / Mobile performance
  • App Performance
  • Server health
  • Infrastructure performance

Extracting and using this data to gather intelligence is spanned across multiple vendors and many tools. These tools are terrific in digging and correlating information within their respective areas. What is lacking, however, is the end-to-end automated business context with performance and correlation. In this world, IT is handicapped and cannot respond in real time. How much revenue was lost today from users not converting because they experienced poor app performance? Most of you can probably relate to this.

To connect these dots, many of you are using big data analytics. Painful, slow, and iterative as it may be to change code every time there is a new business request, and then store and collect the data and finally hire someone to correlate and query to analyze this approach provided some relief. However, with fast-changing modern day apps it is not a feasible and reasonable expectation to lead your business forward with backward looking data.

The magnitude of this problem is huge as Gartner predicts 90% of the information assets from big data analytics efforts will be siloed and un-leverageable. Building a haystack and then attempting to find the needle is hard to do once, let alone repeatedly. 

Finding the Gold

AppDynamics APM customers are sitting on a goldmine. AppDynamics agents monitor and automatically collect 100% of business transactions with automated business context to deliver end-to-end application performance visibility. With a one-click add-on, those same agents are enhanced to collect business data and provide fully-correlated business and operational visibility. This means IT and Success team can now investigate and answer individual or aggregate business request: platinum customer Jane Smith failed to book a flight to London for $1,800 due to an issue with airlines API or aggregate insights in real-time across customer type or product categories etc.

Machine correlation and insight into performance and business issues with 1-click add-on to APM as opposed to wrangling through log files, custom codes, manual queries, and more. IT and Ops now have front row seats to respond in real-time and partner with product managers, marketers, sales and customer success in making smarter and faster decisions.

Modern software businesses who deploy next generation AppDynamics Application Analytics can leverage a golden opportunity with the power to enrich and draw from the goldmine to delight customers and transform from a cost center to an innovation catalyst and strategic business partner.

In my next blog, I will take you through a common use case of AppDynamics Application Analytics product. Click here if you’d like to learn more about Application Analytics. 

Mike Anand

Mike Anand

Mike Anand has over 12+ years of experience in Enterprise and SMB world spanning across leading mobile and software companies. In his current role as a Director of Product Marketing & Strategy for Business iQ at AppDynamics, he is responsible for leading global product marketing and go-to-market strategy for the product. Prior to this role Mike led Product team at Apteligent, a mobile APM company. He has also led mobile and cloud based subscription products and platforms at Good Technology, Adobe and Intuit. Mike received his M.B.A. from Santa Clara University and B.S. from University of California at Davis. You can follow Mike on twitter at