Our Plans with ThousandEyes: Expanding Monitoring Across the Public Internet for All Applications at the Heart of Today’s Digital Businesses

June 01 2020

Last week, Cisco announced its intent to acquire ThousandEyes, Inc., marking a major milestone as we build toward our vision to provide a Central Nervous System (CNS) for IT. 

By Danny Winokur.

Last week, Cisco announced its intent to acquire ThousandEyes, Inc., marking a major milestone as we build toward our vision to provide a Central Nervous System (CNS) for IT.  We’re committed to providing broad visibility, deep insights, and automated actions to help you manage and optimize all the applications you rely on to run your business.  We can’t wait to expand our leading application monitoring solutions with ThousandEyes’ best-in-class network intelligence, giving you a clear view from your applications, across the public Internet, and into the digital experiences delivered to your customers and employees.

We recognize that today’s application landscape is already complex and changing quickly, including a distributed mix of hybrid, multi-cloud application components. AppDynamics already monitors all of these components, from the latest cloud technologies like serverless, containers/Kubernetes, and IaaS monitoring support (e.g. CloudWatch), to more traditional technologies that continue to play an essential role in many architectures, including mainframes, IIB, SAP, and everything in between.

Application components each have their own stacks of layered dependencies across both public cloud and on-premises environments, interconnected to each other and end users with advanced private networks and the public Internet. Winning in today’s world of digital experiences — accelerated even more by the explosion of remote work — requires a full-stack view that extends beyond application and infrastructure performance to include all the networks that connect your application components and your end users. Together, AppDynamics and ThousandEyes will provide this complete view with a lens on the user experience and the business results delivered. Your teams get a shared source of truth, making it easier to break down silos, work together, and keep pace with the rapid-fire demands of digital business.

That is what our vision for the Central Nervous System is all about. We already provide deep full-stack monitoring for both cloud-native applications and those running on data center architectures, including integrations with Cisco’s Intersight infrastructure management platform and ACI networking fabric.

ThousandEyes will extend our capabilities to include deep visibility across the public Internet, which is critical in both delivering seamless customer access and interconnecting cloud and on-premises application components (including SD-WAN overlays). We’ll also be able to more fully monitor cloud-hosted custom and off-the-shelf SaaS applications that are essential to your employees’ productivity. Your application and network teams will be able to more quickly resolve problems and optimize application experiences for both your customers and your employees.

We expect to make ThousandEyes’ capabilities available with AppDynamics shortly after the acquisition closes, and are excited to pursue integrations that simplify customer workflows and improve business outcomes. We look forward to updating you on our combined offerings and integration roadmap after the close of this acquisition.

Learn more about the Central Nervous System for IT.

Danny Winokur
Danny Winokur is General Manager at AppDynamics.

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